Our network infrastructure is built exclusively on Cisco Routers and Switches and has a capacity of more than 600Gbit (datacenter backbone).

We are connected to the internet by three different upstream Tier 1 providers and have direct links to major Internet Exchanges such as the SIX/NIX and AMSIX.

The datacenter is connected with multipath fiber to provide connectivity in the event of a cable cut / service interruption of the landline carriers.

CloudIzz Network Latency map

Dedicated Bandwidth

All our services come with aggregated internet connectivity but we can also offer dedicated internet access up to 10Gbits per customer.

Prices for Internet connectivity (L3) apply only to Datacenter customers and do not include any L1/L2 transport costs that may occur if the customer requires connecivity at their premises.


Public IPv4 IP's

IP assignements based on RIPE guidelines

  • IPv4 Pricing
  • 1 - 64 IP's 3,00 € / IP / month
  • 64 - 128 IP's 2,50 € / IP / month
  • 256 IP's 2,00 € / IP / month

Public IPv6 IP's

If you are an Autonomous System or have IP space allocated to you, we can announce this range(s) from our network for free.

  • IPv6 Pricing
  • /64 Network FREE
  • /56 Network 100,00 € / month